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An Ancient Warning

There was an eclipse in 2017 that crossed the United States. Another will follow in 2024. This is a time when many changes will be unleashed upon our planet. Pandemics will ravage the earth. Locusts are now swarming over Africa. Earthquakes are rattling benign regions like Idaho and Utah. And unprecedented fires burn in Australia and the West. These changes were foretold long ago, but these prophecies also offer hope. In The Manna Chronicles Maya Harrington and her team pursue realize that man has entered his final season, and their Quest pursues the hope to the change this fateful course. The series covers the seven year period between these eclipses.


Manna is a mystical powder that legend purports has the ability to transmute matter and people into another dimension. Those that master the secret can cross through time like we cross the street.

It is the secret of the Philosophers Stone. Pursued by alchemists, protected by the ancient mystery schools and coveted by forces with evil intent for mankind, it is mentioned in the Old Testament as Manna and in Revelation, the final book of the New Testament, as the powder that will carry the names of the righteous in the end of days.

Across history often called:

Mfktz – Shewbread - Shem-an-na - The Firestone - Sacred Manna - Bread of Light - Bread of the Presence - The Philosopher’s Stone and today’s scientist call it - Orbitally Rearranged Molecular Elements

This famous icons found in temples of Ancient Egypt contains all the gods attributed to the making of the sacred bread. Hathor, goddess of the process. Anubis, guardian of the secret. The lotus blossom extract. The current required and the ‘H’ kneeling woman representing the aboriginal transport to another realm.

Book I The Manna Chronicles

Book II The Manna Chronicles


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