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The Manna Chronicles is an end times adventure series that spans a seven year period bookended by two eclipses that crisscross the United States. A time ancient prophesy says may mark man’s fatal season. A time when shadow forces are trying to usher in a New World Order.

Currently available is Book I of The Manna Chronicles - Lost Secret of the Ancient Ones. Book II - Ghost Gold, will be released in Q3 2021.

Manna is a mystical powder that legend purports has the ability to transmute matter and people into another dimension. Those that master the secret can cross through time like we cross the street.

It is the secret of the Philosophers Stone. Pursued by alchemists, protected by the ancient mystery schools, and coveted by forces with evil intent for mankind, it is mentioned in the Old Testament as Manna and in Revelation, the final book of the New Testament, as the powder that will carry the names of the righteous in the end of days.

Throughout ancient Egypt and Sumer, it was called - Mfktz, Shewbread, and Shem-an-na. Whereas in the Bible it is referred to as Sacred Manna as well as The Bread of Light or the Bread of the Presence. Throughout history, alchemists from Sir Isaac Newton, Ben Franklin, Francis Bacon to the others whose names have been lost and forgotten, it was their holy grail, the ultimate discovery simply called - The Philosopher’s Stone. Currently scientist from the late great Hawking up to the current research by Argonne National Laboratories, it is referred to as Orbitally Rearranged Molecular Elements ORME’s.

This famous icon found in temples of Ancient Egypt contains all the gods attributed to the making of the sacred bread. Hathor, goddess of the process. Anubis, guardian of the secret. The lotus blossom extract. The current required and the ‘H’ kneeling woman representing the aboriginal transport to another realm.

Is time travel possible? Are there alternative dimensions that can be crossed using this ancient mystery powder? Is it the key to the lost era known as Zep Tepe? Is it the key to saving mankind? All this is revealed in the books of the Manna Chronicles.

Seek and ye shall find. Look and you shall learn. But hold on for an adventure of a lifetime. Join the quest.

Lost Secret of the Ancient Ones

“Welcome to the world’s greatest mystery. It has everything-clues and ciphers, red herrings, and consciously enigmatic jokes. There are villains, victims, and heroes littering the plotlines, along with ancient books, inscrutable monuments, and strange unearthly figures that flit along through the ages as if they had a purchase agreement on eternity.” – Fulcanelli

‘Great for fans of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, Michael Crichton’s Congo’

-Publishers Weekly / Book Life

‘A page-turning modern-day Da Vinci Code. Look out Laura Croft, there’s a new heroine in town!’

-Veritas Film & Television

The Pharaohs of Egypt, Plato, Aristotle, Sir Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon, and the late Stephen Hawking, have all sought to learn the secret of the ancient ones. A secret so powerful it can change the world.

Sprinkled throughout the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls, are references to the mysterious essence of the Philosophers Stone. Has quantum physicist Dr. Alex Harrington unraveled the mystery? Missing for more than three months, powerful forces are desperate to find him, to learn what he has discovered. To stop him from exposing their plans.

Watching his daughter, they know that she received a package that contained her father’s diary. What they don’t know, is that the wheels he has set in motion has launched her upon a perilous path. A path that holds the fate of the world in its balance.

As an archaeologist, science is Maya Harrington’s religion. Pragmatism, reason, and probability her theology. Vowing to find her father, she is forced to confront the possibility that there are influences beyond reason and forces outside the realm of explanation.

As she unravels each layer of the greatest mystery of all time, it is becoming clear that there are those who have used the eclipse that crossed America in 2017 to initiate a countdown towards a worldwide conflagration. From out of the ashes this shadow organization will usher in a New World Order. All under the control of a few.

Is she deluding herself into believing that she was chosen to save humanity? Is destiny a hidden road paved at the onset of time?

Book I of The Manna Chronicles brings together ancient history, unassailable facts, and prophecies from across the ages; to the eye-opening possibility that for man, time is running out …