Did the Knights Templar hide an Ancient Egyptian Secret in the stained glass of their Gothic Cathedrals. Can this secret save mankind from the powerful forces looking to enslave humanity with their New World Order?

Ghost Gold is Book II of the Manna Chronicles and will answer many of the questions left unanswered in Lost Secret of the Ancient Ones. The world is in the cosmic crosshairs and few are aware of the looming peril. Having learned the Ancient Secret of the transmutative properties of Sacred Manna, Maya Harrington is forced to accept that her destiny is a road that was paved eons ago. She can no longer deny that she has been chosen to confront the evil that is about to be unleashed upon the world. An evil that must be stopped. Is this the trigger to end time events that have been prophesized through the ages? Are they cast in stone or is Maya the hope that can lead to a different outcome? Will the cabal that is orchestrating events from the shadows succeed or will she and her team be able to stop them? Ghost Gold is a fast paced, non-stop adventure. Knights Templars, Lost Treasure, Ancient Egyptian Queens, Prominent Biblical Characters, and Ancient Prophesy spanning the millennia, converge upon a single question – Is destiny real? Join the adventure and prepare to hang on for a wild ride.