About the Author

Born in Virginia, raised in Maine, son of a sailor. Father, husband, writer, musician, explorer, adventurer. Attended University of Miami, lived in Coconut Grove, NYC, Connecticut, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Culver Indiana. Currently resides in Boca Raton, Florida.

Too many careers to list and too many encounters to be believed. My life has been a collection of fodder for my stories, texture for my tales and eccentricities for my characters.

For each and every one of us, our experiences are the threads that make up the tapestry of who we are. And what we believe to be true will define our reality.

Most of my published works have been explorations of alternative views of history and the shadowy fingerprints that have shaped events from behind the veil. Some call it fiction. I’m not so sure.

On the other hand, I love music and once owned a recording studio in NYC. I’m still playing with a rock-blues band called, ‘Preservation Road,’ and the clubs keep paying us, so we must be doing something right. If you are ever in Palm Beach County, look us up. We’ll be playing somewhere.

So now I write books. It started at the end of high school when I was offered a writing scholarship. After college, it took me an additional thirty-five years before I got my first book completed, but now I have four. Apparently wisdom needs time to marinate.

As an avid history buff who believes in research, and more research, I tend to look for hidden agendas that can be linked by common threads. So it is only natural that my stories revolve around ancient mysteries, alternative histories, and shadowy figures that pull the strings of what goes on in the world.

Weaving together known truths, ancient myths, arcane facts, and legends, I try to craft tales of suspense and intrigue that can only be unraveled through the lense of unconventional insight. Remember, just because someone labels something a conspiracy theory, doesn’t mean it’s not true…

I hope you enjoy the stories, and I promise you will learn a few things along the way. If anything causes you to ask, ‘Is this real or fiction’ – search the web. You might be surprised.

I’m prone to believe my life has been best described by a quote from that period of lost years when I tuned in, dropped out, and followed the Grateful Dead.

What a long strange trip it’s been.

From the wilds of South Florida, in the extraordinary year 2020

Wishing you peace, curiosity, and an insatiable desire for the truth

Chris Reynolds