Book Name: Island Of Redemption


The Shack, with a Castaway twist, wrapped up in the conundrum of Life of Pi. A glimpse of hope for this troubled world. (DaVinci Film Festival)

No boat could have survived the storm that left Mark Lambert missing and presumed dead. Landing on an uninhabited island, far from any shipping lanes, and far from hope, solitude strips away all the things he once thought important.

After a powerful hurricane strikes the island, he is surprised to discover an ancient grotto with high waterfalls cascading into a crystal-blue lake. And swimming in the middle of the hollow is a beautiful young woman.

Is she real or simply a figment of his imagination? After being alone for over five years, he does not care. Each day he returns to the grotto and each day she is there. Never revealing who she is or where she goes, she becomes his teacher, philosopher, and spiritual guide.

By dismantling what was once a secular worldview and polishing it into a lens as seen through the eyes of God, her insights about life, death, and the world we live in move Mark along a path of transformation. Until one day, she announces that her work is done and that he is ready to fulfill his destiny.

The timing of her exit coincides with the arrival of familiar adventurers who believe the island holds an enormous cache of buried treasure. Rescued, ready to face the next chapter in his life, Mark fights to hold on to the lessons learned. When recalling past conversations with his enigmatic companion, clues she left him lead to the greatest discovery in modern history and along the way, makes him one of the richest men in the world.

But how will he handle this great power? He must decide if he will revert to his secular worldview or use the gifts God has given him to make the world a better place.


The journey Mark pursues reveals that on the road of destiny, there are no ordinary lives.