The Lion’s Gate

The Lion’s Gate

Author Chris Reynolds
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The Lions Gate is a documentary-styled fictional account of the authors’ view of a pending crisis facing the planet. Both spiritual and physical. Is there such a thing as the end of time? And if so, are we now in what the enigmatic philosopher Fulcanelli calls, The Fatal Season?

Is it a mere coincidence that the eschatology of end times of Christians, Moslems, Incans, and Mayans seem to dovetail into a coming point so neatly? If so, what does that mean for each of us, for the earth, and does ancient architecture confirm Fulcanelli’s warning.

Contrary to current teachings, this book will look deeper into the sacred writings across time and explore alternative history that is more in line with the evidence from our past. In the spirit of such pioneers as Robert Buvall, Graham Hancock, Laurence Gardner, Collin Wilson, and Rand Flemeth, Jim Marrs, Cremo, Charles Hapsgood and the enigmatic man from out of time, Fulcanelli, as well as a host of others, this series has incorporated many of their theories, and I apologize to each if I have misinterpreted your works.

For those who enjoyed the exploits of Maya Harrington in The Lost Secret of the Ancient Ones, Book I of the Manna Chronicles, this book covers many of the topics raised in much more detail. Subjects such as:

  • The meaning within the movement of the stars
  • The origins and validity of the constellations that form the signs of the Zodiac
  • The nature of angels and demons
  • Stone Henge – An ancient calculator
  • Gobekli Tepe and The Garden of Eden
  • The Watchers
  • Plans for The New World Order
  • A pre ice age sophisticated society
  • The global grid of 144 sacred sites and what they mean

These are just a few of the topics culled from over 200 books…. A good companion to the Manna Chronicles.